Can you get addicted to trading?

It’s common among traders to separate the activity of trading with such things as online gambling. Many people see trading as “work”, even though they only have it as a hobby. But is there any chance of getting “hooked” on binary trading? The short answer is: yes. But just like in any other activity we can get addicted to it in one way or another, just as you see people getting addicted to computer games or other things. But there are good forms of addictions as well as bad forms.

The bad form of addiction would be the typical “hooked-on-gambling” type of addiction. These people don’t get addicted to trading itself, but rather in to putting their money on the line and getting a rush out of it. These traders rarely make any money, and I believe it’s because their inner addict doesn’t give a damn if they win money or not. All it craves is the adrenaline rush of putting serious money to chance, and the outcome is not even that relevant. I have read several articles of gambling addicts that have won millions of dollars on a jackpot, but ending up even more broke than they were before just because they couldn’t stop betting on things, and this doesn’t surprise me. If you are a Spanish trader looking for more information about gambling addiction, visit!

The good kind of addiction however, is when people get determined that they want to be the best traders. These people read every guide they can find, and they learn every strategy (you can find loads of different strategy guides on this site!), and to them it’s not the adrenaline rushes that they crave. Instead, they accept that binary trading can take time to learn, and they believe that if they work hard, the payoff will come in the end. These are usually the type of traders that end up being able to quit their day jobs when their trading profits start to exceed the amount of their monthly salaries.

Of course, there are only a few of us that have addictive personalities, so most likely you don’t have to worry. As I stated earlier, trading addiction doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. But if you see yourself fitting into the personality that just “seeks the rush”, you should probably consider finding another hobby, preferably one that doesn’t involve money!